I am a sculptor specialising in fine figurative work.  I was brought up in the tradition of architectural sculpture.  By this, I mean a tradition wherein sculptors receive comprehensive instruction in design, technique and execution and work mainly on commission.  I was taught by A J Ayres who, in turn, had worked with Eric Gill; other exponents of the tradition include Sergeant Jagger.  

Creating to commission suits me.  I like working with people and within supportive, creative environments and value the often collaborative nature of working with both committees and individuals.

In addition to my commissioned sculpture, I refresh and augment myself by, amongst other things, looking at the very tradition I have grown from.  An example of this is work I made in Pietrasanta and Carrara in 2012 which explores how marble sculpture has been requisitioned by institutions over the centuries...see Italy

Hermit is an ongoing project that seeks to understand the self-flagellation inherent in the life of an average artist

I welcome new opportunities to create sculpture, so if you have an idea that you would like to discuss, please

contact me